Thailand Bible Church Thailand


  • Bangkok, Thailand

Main Activities: 

  • Leadership Cell Ministry that equip believers at church to be spiritual leaders to serve the Lord through leading Bible study groups and leadership training camps.

  • Prayer Cell Ministry - weekly we:

    • Reach youth and working people

    • Visit with people and teach them the Bible

    • Have two prayer cell groups

  • Community Prayer Cell Ministry:

    • Reaching families and adults for Christ.

    • Teaching families the Bible weekly.

    • Family prayer cell group once a month.

    • Sunday Service at church by beginning with morning prayer every Sunday morning, followed by Sunday School Classes and Worship Service.

  • Missions, both sending teams to reach people outside of Bangkok, and having teams from overseas to help the church.

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  • We trust God to teach and equip believers to reach the nation, and the rest of the world!

Interesting Facts:
• Our country speaks Thai and most of us eat real spicy food.
• We enjoy playing soccer.
• Thai people love to smile and welcome people to their homes.
• Some of the feasts in our country include:

  • New Year
  • Water Festival (also called Songkran)
  • Celebrating the King and Queen’s birthdays



  • To increase the influence of the Church in Thailand.

  • To continue reaching our neighbors for Christ.


  • Monthly support.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the Bible Church Thailand leadership team to trust God and that the partnership with the Church family will continue to grow stronger.

  • Pray that God will draw more people through our outreach events to come to Him, and that our Church will grow.

  • Pray for Christians in our Church to grow in their faith and understanding, to keep coming to Church, and to be faithful in Bible Study.

Contact Info: 

Facebook: bct Bible Church Thailand